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Everything you need to organize, track, and nurture your leads and customers.

Lead Generated

Auto assigning on XLM

Notifications via Automated SMS, WhatsApp & Email

Automated Thank you message to clients

Manage your sales pipeline and speed up your sales with Xpertise Lead Manager (XLM)

Eliminate the messy spreadsheets, cluttered inboxes or expensive tools to manage your leads. Put the whole procedure on automation from lead generation to uploading in the system and from nurturing a lead to its conversion.

Automate the tasks for sales executives. Auto entry in the system, SMS on phone and email in real-time of lead generation. An easy tool that takes minutes to learn but provides a diligent return.

The integration is automated, the interactions are displayed on the dashboard for a total visibility of leads’ status and management.

Automatically get SMS, WhatsApp & email notifications of new Facebook Lead Ad leads, LinkedIn sponsored leads and Google AdWords leads to respond within 30 seconds once a form is filled.

Social Media & your Website can be an effective tool to help you grow your clientele. When it’s integrated with XLM, your new leads automatically get an Email message as soon as they opt in plus you will be notified via SMS, WhatsApp and email in real-time of the lead generation, making it ideal for things like sales, promotions, competitions & maintaining an efficient feedback with the client.

Lead Ad Example

Let’s say you’re interested in collecting leads for your online store, so you decide to use a Facebook Lead Ad to offer a coupon in exchange for their contact information.

An interested user sees your ad and clicks it. This is what they would see:

The Facebook lead form appears as a pop-up on the newsfeed with all of basic information like name, email, and phone number pre-filled. You can also add more sections like relationship status, gender, and location, and Facebook will also pre-fill this information if it has it.

This feature removes all the hassle that often discourages users from filling in their information, which is having to fill it manually. If your product is good enough, then all they have to do it confirm the pre-filled information and click submit.

Here’s an example of a text message that would be automatically sent to you once users opt in:


Message from XLM

You have a new lead from Facebook:
Name: [ Lead’s Name ] 
Mobile: [ Lead’s Mobile No. ]

This lead has been automatically imported to your CRM.

This form appears over their Facebook newsfeed with all of their basic information like their name, email, and phone number pre-filled. You can also ask for things like relationship status, gender, and location, to name a few, and Facebook will also pre-fill this information if it has it.

This feature removes all of the legwork that often discourages users from opting in, which is having to enter everything manually. If your offer is good enough, all they have to do is click the submit button.

Here’s an example of a text message that would be automatically sent to you once users opt in:

Control your sales with an organized & effortless Lead Management System

Leads Status
(Hot, Follow-ups &
Not qualified)
Report generation
Customizable &

Skyrocket productivity.

Contacts and deals are only the beginning. The CRM is part of a full suite of sales productivity tools that sync up with your inbox and make every part of selling easier.

Organize & Nurture Leads

Monitor the leads, their status and assign it to the sales team. Create notes, updates and activities on each lead and as well can reminders to work on them in future.

Integration with Social Media Channels

Complete integration with the social platforms will provide an auto-upload over the system with complete details (Name, Contact Details, Source, and Project)

Integration with website forms

XLM limits go beyond just social media platforms, It can integrate with live web-forms, call to action buttons & live-chat. All these leads will come together in the system.

Automated Responses (Client & Agent)

Your clients will receive an email/ message when they have submitted their contact information. It will be a 2-way message which will not only go to the client but the associated agent will also receive it.

Access anywhere, anytime

Our system is compatible with all the devices (Android, Windows, and IOS) access anywhere and check your updates, monitor or make changes. Never miss an update on your precious leads with XLM.

Notifications, SMS & Emails

Our system not only automates the lead management but give notifications via SMS, Email & notifications on the system itself. This will all be done in real-time when the lead is generated.


XLM is extremely easy to use. Although, we do provide a special one-day training which covers all the aspects from Admin Panel to Agent features. It literally takes minutes to learn it.

Yes, the system provides a complete customization option which can be done according to your business needs.

The system after purchasing will be entirely your property with complete backend plus it will be uploaded and integrated through your server. The system will only be accessed once approved by the server.

Our team is always available for the support regarding any associated matter to the system. Call us, Email us, Message us and our specialist will be there to assist.

Yes, report generation is an easy task in this system. You can see a detail report on any selected timeline, results based on lead status, time or activities.

Own a tool that is powerful enough to not just capture leads, but a complete control from uploading, assigning, nurturing & organizing leads.

XLM, a tool that focus
on generating revenue for your business.

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